Discover Spiritual Peace


Discover Spiritual Peace

Meet Rachelle Gehman

Professional, Psychic Readings and Counseling - Tools to implement true change.

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Rachelle is a gifted Psychic Medium who has honed her abilities throughout her life. Since a young age, Rachelle knew that she had a special gift but it wasn’t until later in life that she fully realized how she could help others. She started her spiritual studies in 1974 and again in 1987, and is an active member in the psychic medium community. She counsels individuals in need and provides evidence based readings for guidance, healing, reassurance and upliftment.

In service, Rachelle strives to remain humble and honored, with the highest ethics, to serve everyone seeking spirit guidance and wisdom. Through her work, she shares her insights to help others, to open their hearts, and gain a connection with spirit. Through honesty, integrity, and unconditional love, it is Rachelle’s hope to augment your path toward healing, reassurance, finding peace, and true joy. Rachelle is committed to provide ethical spiritual readings, counseling, healing and spiritual teaching.

Confidential Readings

A psychic reading will give you information about past, present and guidance on future events. You will receive evidence and clarity around situations in your life, and get helpful information and advice to manage your journey. Readings usually presents evidence to validate the information is coming from Spirit and then guidance is presented after the evidence. Spirit that comes through during the session and will bring the right information that is needed to guide you on your life journey. I will connect with your loved ones in spirit and provide evidence of their presence and give you messages from them as well.Please come prepared with your questions. Having said this, we never know who’s going to come through or if anyone will come through.Rest assured, a message from spirit to guide you on your life path will be given.

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