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Rachelle Gehman A Special Thanks...

In My Own Words….In Honor of Anne Gehman

“In Loving Honor of my Aunt, Reverend Anne Gehman, who had the courage to become a Psychic Medium/Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant, and dedicate her life to advancement of Spiritualism, as a science and a religion, and to go through rigorous training and devotion to fulfill her divine and life purpose.  As a medium for more than 40 years at Lily Dale Assembly and internationally known for her accuracy, It is because of her, that I have the ability to do this work and carry her legacy forth.  I dedicate this page in her honor for all the wonderful work she has done to serve humanity with a pure heart.”  Over Sixty years of service (yes 60), and endless credits to her name. From forming Churches, and several US spiritual enlightenment centers, as well as work featured in countless documentaries, she facilitated the study and science of  Quantum Physics and Parapsychology.  She participated in scientific studies of Parapsychology at Duke and Rollins College.  She is a minister, teacher, counselor and healer; countless people have received messages and healing. We give thanks for your work and honor your dedication to the truth of spirit and the continuity of life.  We are grateful for all you have done to advance the science and the awareness of spirit and the continuation of life after this earth plane.  WE LOVE YOU!  I am grateful for your mentor-ship, and all of our time together on this earthly plane.”  I am so grateful for my cousin Rhonda and the Gehman/Paul family who guided me on this earth and in spirit.  I write this with loving and earnest heartfelt gratitude, and feel there are not enough words or gratitude to express your dedication to spirit. Your graciousness and trusting nature is a living example we all strive to emulate, as you showed us grace, dignity, dedication and professionalism above reproach.

Soul Retreat Day Saturday April 13, 2019

Rachelle Gehman Events

Soul Retreat Day

Soul Day Retreat Event
Saturday, April 13, 2019

Location: St. Andrews Community Church

3631 Covington, Road

Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Join us for a day of spiritual pampering, and nurturing your soul. This is a sacred place for you to turn off outside expectations and demands and for you to listen to your Truth and to create a life on your own terms. All you need is to realign, to reset, and get you back to you, and then the magic will happen! This is a journey to quiet your mind, restore your body and to reconnect with your soul. $125 all-inclusive, includes lunch.

Discover your gifts and learn how to manifest the desires of your heart through mediation and practical application of spiritual principles. Develop a road map to manifest your hearts’ desires and as you receive spiritual guidance from the best teachers in Kalamazoo. Come and meet people who are on the same spiritual path, as your soul is being pampered. Enjoy a full day of Reiki Healing, Intuitive Development, Magical Manifestation, Holistic Make and Takes, Catered Lunch,Chakra Alignment, yoga and more! **Tickets are limited**  $125 all inclusive.

Questions? Text or call Rachelle – (269) 779-6807

Each Guest receives an awesome re-usable bag filled with a beautiful journal, pen, crystal, and more.

Seats are limited. Tickets are $125 all-inclusive (Including Lunch!).

What can you expect?

Gain clarity and direction for your life so you are living a values-based life on your terms
Magnetize what you desire with more flow and ease (bye-bye pushing and working too hard)
Get realigned with your heart’s desires and your Truth and reclaim your zest for life
Break through limiting beliefs and habits that have held you back from experiencing and sharing your magic and genius more authentically
Experience meaningful joy and freedom in your life consistently
Step into your personal power and reclaim your voice so you are more self-expressed
Release old sabotaging emotions of shame, guilt and blame and step into a life where you experience self-love, self-acceptance and self-nurturance on a consistent basis
Learn how to relax, recuperate, and rekindle your spirit in a safe environment and beyond the event
Connect with your innate inner knowing and wisdom and learn how to harness your intuition in your life and business so you make decisions that are always in your highest good first and foremost

Create your unique self-care blueprint including simple self-care rituals to create more ease and connection with yourself on a daily basis
Have fun, get creative with an amazing group of like-minded people.


9 AM Welcome & introductions –  Preparing for the day – Rachelle

10:00 AM -10:30 AM Gentle Yoga (perfect for all levels) Chakra Alignment & Guided Meditation – Bonnie

**Please bring your mat if you have one, and/or a blanket.  (We will have a extra mats, if you don’t have one)

10:30-11:15 AM Working with Energy and Flow

11:15 – 12:00 PM  Develop Your Intution (Practice Psychometry)

  • Enhance your spiritual practice
  • Working with your Spirit Guides – (Who they are and the assignment to you) Meditation to meet your guides

12:00- 12:30 Lunch (included) – with Vegetarian Options

12:30 – 1:00 Attaining Your Desires and Attract Success

  • Discussion of how to use spiritual law
  • Practical guide – handout to manifest your dreams
  • Giving Gratitude

1:00- 2:00 – Spiritual & Reiki Healing – experience the sacredness of Spiritual Healing Service with Various Healers

2:00 – 3:00 –  Mediumship Demonstration – Readings for Audience by Rachelle and Student Mediums

3:00 – 3:15 Break (mid-day snack)  

3:15- 4:00  Atunement to the Highest Vibration – Meditation- Seeing Auras

4:00 – 4:15 – Closing Prayer and wrap up Survey/Feedback

Drawing – Raffle Giveaways

Is mediumship aligned with the bible and the christian religion?

Rachelle Gehman Christianity and Mediumship

Mediumship is considered one of the gifts of the spirit.  All through the bible you can see gifts where spirit has intervened on behalf of God.  Jesus is an ascended master teacher.  I encourage everyone to receive the teachings of the bible to receive a solid foundation.  Jesus provided unconditional love and sought wise counsel by spending much time in prayer.  To understand the bible, you must know there were multiple authors of this wonderful book over centuries, and not written by God.  These words are inspired by God, but have multiple opinions of the author writing a given book. The church put these books together in support of their goal at the time, which was to make the church the ultimate authority, which is now known as the bible.  Please consider meditation and critical thinking when you are reading the bible and the context behind the verbiage used. Scholars have studied the mystery of the bible for centuries.  Explore your own heart and know that God/Divine Spirit comes from a place of unconditional love.  Spend time communing with your source for guidance and inspiration.  Realize Jesus came to spread the good news.  The good news is you are able to form your own personal relationship with Spirit.  I would recommend spending your time reading the Sermon on the Mount, the Beattitudes, in Matthew 5:1-12, and Romans 8, looking specifically at Romans 8:6,  and meditate on these words.  Also, meditate on the gifts of the spirit on 1Chorinthians 12:1-11.  Here is a link to Bible Hub, and below is an except from Matthew Henry’s commentary, which is copied below.  I would argue with his commentary, that all of these gifts are not just bestowed in the first ages, but are alive and well today.  I have witnessed tremendous healing of the sick and salvation and restoration of one’s soul due to spiritual work and gifts:  

Mathew Henry’s Commentary
12:1-11 Spiritual gifts were extraordinary powers bestowed in the first ages, to convince unbelievers, and to spread the gospel. Gifts and graces greatly differ. Both were freely given of God. But where grace is given, it is for the salvation of those who have it. Gifts are for the advantage and salvation of others; and there may be great gifts where there is no grace. The extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit were chiefly exercised in the public assemblies, where the Corinthians seem to have made displays of them, wanting in the spirit of piety, and of Christian love. While heathens, they had not been influenced by the Spirit of Christ. No man can call Christ Lord, with believing dependence upon him, unless that faith is wrought by the Holy Ghost. No man could believe with his heart, or prove by a miracle, that Jesus was Christ, unless by the Holy Ghost. There are various gifts, and various offices to perform, but all proceed from one God, one Lord, one Spirit; that is, from the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the origin of all spiritual blessings. No man has them merely for himself. The more he profits others, the more will they turn to his own account. The gifts mentioned appear to mean exact understanding, and uttering the doctrines of the Christian religion; the knowledge of mysteries, and skill to give advice and counsel. Also the gift of healing the sick, the working of miracles, and to explain Scripture by a peculiar gift of the Spirit, and ability to speak and interpret languages. If we have any knowledge of the truth, or any power to make it known, we must give all the glory of God. The greater the gifts are, the more the possessor is exposed to temptations, and the larger is the measure of grace needed to keep him humble and spiritual; and he will meet with more painful experiences and humbling dispensations. We have little cause to glory in any gifts bestowed on us, or to despise those who have them not.

Healing from Cancer

Rachelle Gehman Messages from Spirit

A friend of mine just went through Chemo for B-Cell Lymphoma.  This person received the diagnosis of a remission  However,  after speaking with his cancer coach, she shared the statistical data, that if he goes back to the same life and doesn’t make changes to his environment, as it is , then the data shows the 100% the cancer will return.  In meditation, spirit came through with a specific message for him and his wife.  The message is worth sharing as we all need a vision for our lives, as spirit guides this gifted man to create a vision:

Think about reconciliation of the mind and focus on the goal. One is not doomed to the words of an individual who doesn’t truly understand what he can manifest for himself. He can manifest what’s truly in his heart, and through the course of action and his responses to the circumstances.  If he focuses positive energy on his immediate plans to find something that’s more conducive to his well-being, he is not doomed to repeat what he’s been through. If he focuses on the goal with gratitude versus the focus on negative thoughts, he will surely be above what has been suggested for his future, as there is the miraculous beauty of spirit.”

Child Spirit Helping Mom Heal

Rachelle Gehman Messages from Spirit

The family does not have to carry the burden as this is my own journey and the family has their journey to complete. This journey that is separate from me. It is hard to separate because we have a bond, as I came into the world and you were there.  This bond will not change our relationship, if the family so chooses.  That bond will always exist and still exists. Please try not to use this circumstance as a burden to not go forward. My journey is beautiful, and I will never be far.

Mom, I know you’re dreaming of me of all the things that I would miss by me passing and going home.  I know this is difficult, based upon the expectations of life. This is my journey that does not include any of those things. My journey is but an Upliftment of the family, of a community, and all who I remain in their hearts. Therefore, there should be no burden, and no sadness. But a bond and togetherness that is created from knowing me, parenting me, Being my sister and brother.  You all have me still alive in your hearts. Alive  in the sense that you have memories of me on earth.  But the secret is I’m still alive. I just don’t have the form that of me that you remember. My heart and my soul are well. We pass through this plane quickly, whether we are a child or a grandmother or grandfather. Lift your vision and heart to a new level of understanding. Seek the spiritual, and I will be there waiting with an open heart.  There are a lot of questions of why. Random things happen. The wreckage that it leaves is only symbolic of the circumstances. It is not reflective of what is the truth. It looks as though devastation has occurred. That is through the human eye. But I am no longer attached to the identity of earth. I am now attached to loving spirit, which you can be a part of any time you choose. Visit me often, and I will show you love and welcome you with open arms. Trajectory of life is an expectation. Expectations fool the heart and can cause loss of one’s soul. Reflect and revisit your expectations, for these are not spiritual, these are human. Lift yourself up to a new level of understanding, and experience the great love.

Morning Meditation Ritual, Positive Outcome

Rachelle Gehman Meditation

Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world. -Albert Einstein

The importance of staying positive and really believing in a positive outcome for your life produces a multitude of positive outcomes.  “Like attracts like,” and the law of attraction sounds so simplistic. In reality, practicing this daily to reach your desirable outcome can be quite challenging.
Where do I find the time?  Ok, ok, it’s about priorities, right?  Just like everything else we are trying to accomplish.  If we can set aside 15 minutes a day for meditation and prayer, the benefits are astounding.  In prayer, and meditation, we can go to a place where we can co-create.  We can fantasize and create a world that will ultimately manifest positive circumstances in our lives.  (Yeah, right!)  I know, you have heard this before, this poly-annish approach to life.  But this world, whether you call it the subconscious mind, your imagination, or the space between, it is a place where we can start to build our dreams that can guide is into a wonderful future.

If we apply just a small amount discipline in the beginning, the reward will be worth the focus to experience true joy.  If you are a Christian, even the bible talks about this in the book of James.  Jacob, Jesus’s brother who is the author of this book discusses applying discipline to our lives, to experience true joy!  He says “perseverance must finish its work so that we may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.”  We can apply this to so many areas of our lives.  If we apply this to our meditation practice and give 14-15 minutes a day, we will have a new and joyous world open up to us.  You can step into a world that only you create.  You also have the option to speak to your angels and spirit guides.

I thought I would take a moment and share my daily practice with you, so you maybe can build your own practice.  Remember, life is for living, so you want to limit this time, and maybe set a timer.  I will write more about meditation for beginners in another blog post, but for now, I thought I would share this as an example of a ritual.   I set my alarm 30 minutes early to give myself time to wake up.  Before my feet hits the floor, I start to list everything I am grateful for in my life.  The reason I do this is because I KNOW that if I am grateful, no fear can exist.  Yes, it’s true!  Try it.  Gratitude and fear cannot exist in the same space.  With my eyes closed, when I first wake up, I start listing all things to which I am grateful:  I am so grateful for my health, guidance I receive, my husband of 5 years, my dog Maya, my cat Willie, my son and his gifts, the home I live in, my gifts to help and serve others, people that have come into my life, my spirit guides, all the blessings I receive, both seen and unseen…..,  Then I get up and make a cup of hot water or a caffeine free beverage. I sit in my chair and ground myself from my root chakra, taking in all the nutrients and light from the earth, and visualizing getting rid of any negative energy or things that no longer serves me.

After a moment of feeling connected and grounded, I turn to my vision boards that I have made, and I visualize the life I want to create for myself.  (I will provide an article on creating a vision board, which is most helpful to visualize your future).  This vision board is hand made with complete creativity and unencumbered imagination.  Don’t worry, I will write about this so you know exactly what to do with this.

From the vision board, I close my eyes and I take deep cleansing breaths, and go back into a dream state and tap into our unconscious world.  All answers and everything exists  here.  I call in my spirit guides and greet them with love.  Everyone has spirit guides.  When you spend time in meditation, and guides will appear if you invite them in.  If they do appear, make sure they are from God or the light.  Ask them, if they don’t say yes, then send them away, as this is your peaceful and loving place. You can create boundaries that only good can come into your wonderful space. I spend time with my guides and angels for the purpose of co-creation.  Just like people on earth, where you come together for a common purpose, your angels and guides are there to help you with this co-creation.  With my vision boards made, I know they are there to help guide and serve.

Spirit is so excited to work with us.  Remember, they are tasked to help us and guide us.  They are under universal law, so they have to follow the law, and expect you to follow this law, as well.  We sometimes forget that they are in our lives to assist in all of our activities.  Not only ask for their permission to help, but give them permission to go before you to help light your path, to achieve your dreams.  Know and trust they are working on your behalf to further and expand your world.  They love this, and will work on your behalf.  I had to learn to delegate and be at peace, and trust they are working on my behalf for a positive outcome.  As we achieve things, we realize we are not alone, whether it is people in our lives that come together for co-creation, or if it is the spirit world.

Spirit wants us to slow down, listen and ask.  So take time to do this.  Once you feel you have completed your session, draw yourself back into the conscious world by giving thanks for the wonderful experience you had, all the knowledge you received and thanks in advance for all the wonderful work they will be doing on your behalf.  Then open your eyes.

The benefits of this are tremendous.  Try it for one week.  Set your alarm for a half hour early.  See what world opens up to you, and enjoy.  Feel free to leave comments below about your experience.  Blessings and love to you all.

My Blog Purpose

Rachelle Gehman Blog Purpose

The goal of my blog is to help others with many topics on life’s issues and offer spirit guidance and wisdom.  It is my hope to provide guidance in many areas of life, as this is all a spiritual journey.  I aim to provide reference material to support your life’s journey, so you are able to integrate spiritual principles in this physical world.  My goal is to empower you and to seek your own truth, and develop your own personal relationship with the divine, so you have something deeper than faith, an inner knowing.  I will be providing posts on a variety of topics including spiritual law, Christianity and God’s Law, grief support and recovery, inner child work, channeled spirit messages, relationships and marriages, just to name a few.  Please feel free to comment or email me with additional topics you would like to read to expand your knowledge base.

I love people, and suffering is part of our human experience, and so is joy, gratitude, inner peace and divine connection. We are all in this together.  My goal is to lift your vibration, heighten your knowledge, and receive your answers from our eternal divine source.  We are in this together, and I pray and meditate for us learning together.

There is much paranoia and fear in the world, which prayer and meditation helps calm the soul to see the truth.  Working with Spirit and Spirit Guides will help lessen the fear and gives you the opportunity to step into a  harmonious life.  I want provide the keys to your personal success with your meditation practice and be a conduit to establishing your own personal relationship with the divine.  My prayer is for everyone to experience true joy, inner peace, and end sickness of the soul: To neutralize the responses and reactions to circumstances by providing a new set of eyes and uplift your soul to a new level of understanding.  If we can change our responses to outer circumstances and implement a new vision for our life, which includes changing our responses to perceived obstacles, we will be more fulfilled spiritual beings.

My vision for this blog is to impart knowledge and truth, that touches your personal inner truth, and imparts wisdom and courage to fulfill your life purpose.  I am in loving and humble service to all who earnestly seek guidance to transform their lives by utilizing universal and spiritual law to connect with the divine, and live the most fulfilling life possible.