My Blog Purpose

Rachelle Gehman Blog Purpose

The goal of my blog is to help others with many topics on life’s issues and offer spirit guidance and wisdom.  It is my hope to provide guidance in many areas of life, as this is all a spiritual journey.  I aim to provide reference material to support your life’s journey, so you are able to integrate spiritual principles in this physical world.  My goal is to empower you and to seek your own truth, and develop your own personal relationship with the divine, so you have something deeper than faith, an inner knowing.  I will be providing posts on a variety of topics including spiritual law, Christianity and God’s Law, grief support and recovery, inner child work, channeled spirit messages, relationships and marriages, just to name a few.  Please feel free to comment or email me with additional topics you would like to read to expand your knowledge base. I love people, and suffering is part of our human experience, and so is joy, gratitude, inner peace and divine connection. We are all in this together.  My goal is to lift your vibration, heighten your knowledge, and receive your answers from our eternal divine source.  We are in this together, and I pray and meditate for us learning together. There is much paranoia and fear in the world, which prayer and meditation helps calm the soul to see the truth.  Working with Spirit and Spirit Guides will help lessen the fear and gives you the opportunity to step into a  harmonious life.  I want provide the keys to your personal success with your meditation practice and be a conduit to establishing your own personal relationship with the divine.  My prayer is for everyone to experience true joy, inner peace, and end sickness of the soul: To neutralize the responses and reactions to circumstances by providing a new set of eyes and uplift your soul to a new level of understanding.  If we can change our responses to outer circumstances and implement a new vision for our life, which includes changing our responses to perceived obstacles, we will be more fulfilled spiritual beings. My vision for this blog is to impart knowledge and truth, that touches your personal inner truth, and imparts wisdom and courage to fulfill your life purpose.  I am in loving and humble service to all who earnestly seek guidance to transform their lives by utilizing universal and spiritual law to connect with the divine, and live the most fulfilling life possible.