Child Spirit Helping Mom Heal

Rachelle Gehman Messages from Spirit

The family does not have to carry the burden as this is my own journey and the family has their journey to complete. This journey that is separate from me. It is hard to separate because we have a bond, as I came into the world and you were there.  This bond will not change our relationship, if the family so chooses.  That bond will always exist and still exists. Please try not to use this circumstance as a burden to not go forward. My journey is beautiful, and I will never be far.

Mom, I know you’re dreaming of me of all the things that I would miss by me passing and going home.  I know this is difficult, based upon the expectations of life. This is my journey that does not include any of those things. My journey is but an Upliftment of the family, of a community, and all who I remain in their hearts. Therefore, there should be no burden, and no sadness. But a bond and togetherness that is created from knowing me, parenting me, Being my sister and brother.  You all have me still alive in your hearts. Alive  in the sense that you have memories of me on earth.  But the secret is I’m still alive. I just don’t have the form that of me that you remember. My heart and my soul are well. We pass through this plane quickly, whether we are a child or a grandmother or grandfather. Lift your vision and heart to a new level of understanding. Seek the spiritual, and I will be there waiting with an open heart.  There are a lot of questions of why. Random things happen. The wreckage that it leaves is only symbolic of the circumstances. It is not reflective of what is the truth. It looks as though devastation has occurred. That is through the human eye. But I am no longer attached to the identity of earth. I am now attached to loving spirit, which you can be a part of any time you choose. Visit me often, and I will show you love and welcome you with open arms. Trajectory of life is an expectation. Expectations fool the heart and can cause loss of one’s soul. Reflect and revisit your expectations, for these are not spiritual, these are human. Lift yourself up to a new level of understanding, and experience the great love.