Healing from Cancer

Rachelle Gehman Messages from Spirit

A friend of mine just went through Chemo for B-Cell Lymphoma.  This person received the diagnosis of a remission  However,  after speaking with his cancer coach, she shared the statistical data, that if he goes back to the same life and doesn’t make changes to his environment, as it is , then the data shows the 100% the cancer will return.  In meditation, spirit came through with a specific message for him and his wife.  The message is worth sharing as we all need a vision for our lives, as spirit guides this gifted man to create a vision:

Think about reconciliation of the mind and focus on the goal. One is not doomed to the words of an individual who doesn’t truly understand what he can manifest for himself. He can manifest what’s truly in his heart, and through the course of action and his responses to the circumstances.  If he focuses positive energy on his immediate plans to find something that’s more conducive to his well-being, he is not doomed to repeat what he’s been through. If he focuses on the goal with gratitude versus the focus on negative thoughts, he will surely be above what has been suggested for his future, as there is the miraculous beauty of spirit.”