Morning Meditation Ritual, Positive Outcome

Rachelle Gehman Meditation

Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world. -Albert Einstein

The importance of staying positive and really believing in a positive outcome for your life produces a multitude of positive outcomes.  “Like attracts like,” and the law of attraction sounds so simplistic. In reality, practicing this daily to reach your desirable outcome can be quite challenging.
Where do I find the time?  Ok, ok, it’s about priorities, right?  Just like everything else we are trying to accomplish.  If we can set aside 15 minutes a day for meditation and prayer, the benefits are astounding.  In prayer, and meditation, we can go to a place where we can co-create.  We can fantasize and create a world that will ultimately manifest positive circumstances in our lives.  (Yeah, right!)  I know, you have heard this before, this poly-annish approach to life.  But this world, whether you call it the subconscious mind, your imagination, or the space between, it is a place where we can start to build our dreams that can guide is into a wonderful future.

If we apply just a small amount discipline in the beginning, the reward will be worth the focus to experience true joy.  If you are a Christian, even the bible talks about this in the book of James.  Jacob, Jesus’s brother who is the author of this book discusses applying discipline to our lives, to experience true joy!  He says “perseverance must finish its work so that we may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.”  We can apply this to so many areas of our lives.  If we apply this to our meditation practice and give 14-15 minutes a day, we will have a new and joyous world open up to us.  You can step into a world that only you create.  You also have the option to speak to your angels and spirit guides.

I thought I would take a moment and share my daily practice with you, so you maybe can build your own practice.  Remember, life is for living, so you want to limit this time, and maybe set a timer.  I will write more about meditation for beginners in another blog post, but for now, I thought I would share this as an example of a ritual.   I set my alarm 30 minutes early to give myself time to wake up.  Before my feet hits the floor, I start to list everything I am grateful for in my life.  The reason I do this is because I KNOW that if I am grateful, no fear can exist.  Yes, it’s true!  Try it.  Gratitude and fear cannot exist in the same space.  With my eyes closed, when I first wake up, I start listing all things to which I am grateful:  I am so grateful for my health, guidance I receive, my husband of 5 years, my dog Maya, my cat Willie, my son and his gifts, the home I live in, my gifts to help and serve others, people that have come into my life, my spirit guides, all the blessings I receive, both seen and unseen…..,  Then I get up and make a cup of hot water or a caffeine free beverage. I sit in my chair and ground myself from my root chakra, taking in all the nutrients and light from the earth, and visualizing getting rid of any negative energy or things that no longer serves me.

After a moment of feeling connected and grounded, I turn to my vision boards that I have made, and I visualize the life I want to create for myself.  (I will provide an article on creating a vision board, which is most helpful to visualize your future).  This vision board is hand made with complete creativity and unencumbered imagination.  Don’t worry, I will write about this so you know exactly what to do with this.

From the vision board, I close my eyes and I take deep cleansing breaths, and go back into a dream state and tap into our unconscious world.  All answers and everything exists  here.  I call in my spirit guides and greet them with love.  Everyone has spirit guides.  When you spend time in meditation, and guides will appear if you invite them in.  If they do appear, make sure they are from God or the light.  Ask them, if they don’t say yes, then send them away, as this is your peaceful and loving place. You can create boundaries that only good can come into your wonderful space. I spend time with my guides and angels for the purpose of co-creation.  Just like people on earth, where you come together for a common purpose, your angels and guides are there to help you with this co-creation.  With my vision boards made, I know they are there to help guide and serve.

Spirit is so excited to work with us.  Remember, they are tasked to help us and guide us.  They are under universal law, so they have to follow the law, and expect you to follow this law, as well.  We sometimes forget that they are in our lives to assist in all of our activities.  Not only ask for their permission to help, but give them permission to go before you to help light your path, to achieve your dreams.  Know and trust they are working on your behalf to further and expand your world.  They love this, and will work on your behalf.  I had to learn to delegate and be at peace, and trust they are working on my behalf for a positive outcome.  As we achieve things, we realize we are not alone, whether it is people in our lives that come together for co-creation, or if it is the spirit world.

Spirit wants us to slow down, listen and ask.  So take time to do this.  Once you feel you have completed your session, draw yourself back into the conscious world by giving thanks for the wonderful experience you had, all the knowledge you received and thanks in advance for all the wonderful work they will be doing on your behalf.  Then open your eyes.

The benefits of this are tremendous.  Try it for one week.  Set your alarm for a half hour early.  See what world opens up to you, and enjoy.  Feel free to leave comments below about your experience.  Blessings and love to you all.