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Services Offered But Not Limited To:

  • Confidential Readings

    A psychic reading will give you information about past, present and guidance on future events. You will receive evidence and clarity around situations in your life, and get helpful information and advice to manage your journey. Readings usually presents evidence to validate the information is coming from Spirit and then guidance is presented after the evidence. Spirit that comes through during the session and will bring the right information that is needed to guide you on your life journey. A spirit reading is a combination of spirit connection and includes Spirit Communication. I will connect with your loved ones in spirit and provide evidence of their presence and give you messages from them as well. Please come prepared with your questions.

    $75.00 30 Minute Reading
    $125.00 60 Minute Reading

    *Group rates are determined upon group size.

  • Spiritual Healing

    The focus of the energy can be directed to one specific area in the case of injury or illness. Directing the energy to a specific area can have an immediate affect that the client will acknowledge immediately after the session. The energy will naturally flow where the body needs it to positively affect the energetic systems that may be out of balance.

  • Grief Guidance & Resources

    The seven stages of grief are shock, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression and acceptance, The stages do not necessarily happen in the order listed; and they serve only as a guide to the grieving process. Nor do you only visit these stages once. They can be cyclical, revisiting many times until you are able to incorporate the loss and move forward. The goal of these sessions are not to replace professional counseling, but add to the recovery process from a spiritual perspective. Grief recovery not a speedy process. This session is intended to educate you on what you can do for self care, spiritual guidance for comfort, and provide tools to lighten the burden, while coping and healing from the loss. Grief support groups will be formed to provide loving support.

“I am eternally grateful! I feel I am not going to adequately communicate in a testimonial what it meant to me but I will try! Rachelle recently did a reading for me where she raised very specific points that were right on target. No one would have known these things without my loved ones’ spirits communicating through / to her. “My husband – who was a complete non-believer before my reading – now wants to schedule his own reading with Rachelle! I think that says it all. Thank you again, Rachelle, for my reading! You are truly a gifted human being and one with an incredible heart!”
KKT, Philadelphia, PA
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To get the most out of your appointment, here are a few suggestions on how to prepare for your reading.

*A list of questions that you would like answers/validation to, confirmations about, etc; questions can cover a variety of "life" topics. I won't ask to see this list, it's just to keep you focused and on track.

*An object that only has your vibrations or energy attached to it (this object could be a ring or watch, as metal works best) and PLEASE make sure this object has not been owned previously. I may use the vibrations from the object, as well as your own voice, to tune into your energy. On a related note, I can also pick up on the vibrations of people who have passed or are still living by holding onto an object that has belonged to them - so if that is something you are interested in, you can bring those as well.

*And pictures of anyone - living or deceased, as I can tune into those as well. The pictures do not have to be recent, are not necessary to tune into a living or deceased individual.

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